"If you are really hungry to become successful in your sales, life or business career then read on because this website was created to give your shortcut sales tips and tricks that help you get to the top of your game"

Our Primary Goal is to workout which Sales & Business Building strategies work as we conduct live experiments and then feedback the results back to our readers and listeners.


My name is Nick Sharma and I have spent the last 15 years studying, researching, practising and most importantly APPLYING different principles and techniques some of which have worked and some that have been a huge waste of time and money!


I have read  hundreds of Business & Self Help Books, Listened to thousands of Podcasts, Watched hundreds of You Tube Videos.. Ultimately I have arrived at a uninanous conclusion "ONLY 5-10% OF ALL SALES & BUSINESS STRATEGIES WORK"


MY AIM: Is to validate Sales & Business strategies in a live forum and to provide the raw results to my Audience.


MY METHOD: Is to isolate and apply a specific strategy/ technique each month.  I will advise exactly which technique is being applied, how it is being applied and the examples that I am using.


MY CONCLUSION: Is to feedback the raw results of each strategy used, which suceeded in terms of conversion and which failed to execute.

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